Swee Hong graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) from the School of Architecture at the National University of Singapore in 2003. She went on to pursue her interest in urban lighting studies and was awarded the National University of Singapore Research Scholarship for her post-graduate thesis. After graduating with a Masters in Arts (Architecture), Swee Hong continued with her practice in lighting design, and was involved in the conceptualisation of the lighting masterplan for various local and international projects.

To promote awareness on lighting design, Swee Hong has contributed to various publications and conferences locally and internationally, and has also been invited to lecture on lighting design. Her collaborations with various designers and work on events are part and parcel of her efforts in educating the public about the beauty of light in space.

As the director of the lighting consultancy division at ONG&ONG, Swee Hong’s projects span from large scale lighting masterplanning, to commercial and hospitality interior lighting design, and curatorial for light art installation projects.


Andrew graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Art and a Bachelor of Architecture in 1988 and 1991 respectively, and has worked on a number of projects from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and China since.

Between 2002 to 2006, Andrew was the Vice-President of Design at CPG Consultants. He joined ONG&ONG in 2006 and is currently involved, as a design director, in the design conceptualisation and development of major residential, commercial, masterplanning, infrastructure and institutional projects.

Andrew was a teaching member at the Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore for intermittent periods between 1999 and 2012. He has also served on many design juries in various teaching institutions.


Lee Siang graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1987 with honours, and has practised as an architect and urban planner since 1990. His projects have won local and international acclaim, earning him a place in the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s “20 under 45” exhibition in 2004.

From 2007 to 2009, he served as President of the Singapore Institute of Architects and led the inauguration of ARCHIEST – a festival on architectural excellence. Lee Siang champions sustainability and in 2008, was appointed Chairman of REACH, an environmental sustainability committee. He has served as President of the Singapore Green Building Council since 2010, promoting and advocating construction of green buildings, while also serving as Chairman of the Campus Planning Committee for the Singapore University of Technology and Design under the Ministry of Education.

Currently, Lee Siang is the Group Managing Director of ONG&ONG, providing multi-disciplinary solutions to clients.



With a track record of more than four decades in the industry, ONG&ONG offers a complete 360º solution that covers all aspects of the construction business. This three-pronged approach encompasses design (architecture, urban planning, interior, landscape, environmental branding, lighting and experience design), engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, fire safety and environmental) and management (project, development, construction, cost and place). ONG&ONG is an ISO14001 certified practice with offices in Singapore, China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, the USA, Indonesia, Mongolia and the UAE.

The ONG&ONG team, comprising Tai Lee Siang, Andrew Lee and Ong Swee Hong, has been appointed as the curatorial team for i Light Marina Bay 2014. Lee Siang, the Managing Director of ONG&ONG, is a leading champion and advocate of sustainability and the green building movement while Andrew and Swee Hong are both accomplished directors in their respective disciplines of architecture and lighting design. With the fusion of their individual knowledge and expertise, the team strives to bring about a successful and memorable light festival.


The inaugural i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s first sustainable light art festival, was held in 2010. Even as we curate this third edition, our consumer-centric society continues with its ever-growing demand for the newest and latest products. Products are made obsolete and discarded within a blink of an eye, perpetuating a vicious cycle of consumption and disposal, and ultimately, creating a culture of excess.

It is in this climate of hyper-consumption that i Light Marina Bay 2014 is held. This year’s light festival aims to engage the public through sustainable light art installations that are thought provoking yet ‘light-hearted’ – bringing home the message on sustainability with unique, happy and heartfelt installations that not only delight but also inspire contemplation.

Using Marina Bay as a canvas, we have invited artists to come together and transform Marina Bay into the largest public art gallery, where people may congregate and engage in an open dialogue on works of art.

We believe that art has its unique way of highlighting key social issues and promoting positive change in the world. We are also of the firm belief that artists have the power to inspire the community into making an actual difference in the world we live in.

i Light Marina Bay 2014 is the culmination of our vision in showcasing the most creative ideas on light art and using light art as a platform to delve and explore issues on sustainability with the mass public.